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The Central School 


Mount Prospect: La Historia De Tu Comunidad



Tours of Mount Prospect's History

Saving Central School

The Central School is the most historically important building in Mount Prospect. The Historical Society is currently trying to save the building, this section will give you an overview of why it is important and what can be done.

Short Tour of of Down Town Mount Prospect

The Short Tour gives you the history of nine buildings in downtown Mount prospect and some of the organizations associated with them.

Downtown Tour East

A tour of the Eastern portion of the downtown Mount Prospect Triangle.  This tour takes a look at some of the important residential properties in the area.

Country Club Neighbors House Tour

A tour of some of the famous houses in the area surrounding the Mount Prospect  Country Club. 

Street Names in Mount Prospect

Some of the streets in Mount Prospect have very colorful names, this short publication gives you and overview of some of the more interesting street names in the community.

Prominent Women in Mount Prospect

There have been a number of women in Mount Prospect that have been very influential to the development of the community, this publication takes a quick look at a few of them.

Mount Prospect in the 1950s

The 1950s was a time of great change in Mount Prospect, the population grew astronomically and the boarders of the town expanded yearly, this short publication takes a quick look at a time of transition in the community.